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Inspired by the true story of the Hawaiiloa voyaging canoe.

Crafted from Alaskan wood, the Hawai‘iloa canoe built a connection between two native American cultures.

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Intricate details on our Hawai'iloa footwear tell the story of a canoe that crossed an ocean of cultures to perpetuate the genius of traditional Hawaiian craftsmanship.

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Informed by craft. Inspired by the journey.

In 1989, a small group of Native Hawaiians set out to build a double-hulled voyaging canoe using only traditional materials and techniques in order to honor their ancient Polynesian heritage.

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The incredible Hawai‘iloa voyaging canoe was launched in 1993, bringing awareness to the degradation and needed conservation of Hawai‘i’s native forests. Lacking traditional koa trees large enough to carve the hulls of the canoe, the Hawaiians turned to their Alaskan neighbors to source 200-foot tall Sitka spruce trees.

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We honor this old-world craftsmanship and cross-cultural collaboration with our Hawai‘iloa collection of nautical-inspired boots (a nod to Alaska) and sandals (a nod to Hawai‘i) – a true testament that aloha can be found anywhere.

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