You and Your Best Four-Legged Friend on Oahu

Photo Jun 14, 10 39 00 AM A Ward Research study concluded that more than sixty percent of Oahu's households have a pet, many of which are dogs.  It’s no surprise the island has many dog friendly places where pets and owners alike can enjoy the outdoors, aside from the monotonous walk around the block. Venture out to these spot with your pooch: Ala Wai Dog Park
Recently opened at the end of September, this is one of six dog parks on Oahu. The Ala Wai Dog Park is located just outside of Waikiki, near Ala Wai Elementary School and gives urban dogs a place to meet and socialize. The park is open late (until 10pm daily) and a park ranger patrols the area for a couple of hours most nights. Kamananui Valley Road
The wide, obvious trail begins at the Moanalua Community Neighborhood Park and you will quickly find yourself in lush greenery. The trail goes in a couple of miles until you reach the Kulana'ahane Trail head. This is a good spot to turn around and head back. You may even opt to do so earlier on, especially if your dog doesn't have much hiking experience or endurance. Some areas of this path are paved, but there are some steam crossings and it’s generally muddy. Always be alert of possible flash flood conditions. Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail
This paved path is part of the Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline, which leads upwards to lovely views of the East Side, the Makapu'u Lighthouse, and sometimes you may even spot whales afar. The trail takes approximately 25 minutes each way, plus time to enjoy the sights and snap some photos. Be sure to bring lots of water for you and your dog, and avoid going mid-day, as the heat can be grueling and the black pavement can also hurt your dog’s paws. Mokule'ia Army Beach
Mokule'ia's beautiful coastline isn't crowded, which makes Mokule'ia Army Beach perfect for you and your pooch. A locally known K-9 played the role of Vincent, the dog character in the TV series "Lost," some of which was filmed in this area. During the summer months on North Shore, water conditions are usually mellow, but winter is when big surf comes, so be extra careful then. Sandy Beach
Located on Oahu's southeastern shore, Sandy Beach is a popular spot for locals, many of whom surf, body surf and body board. It's not unusual to see people with their four-legged friends here. If you're a guy, bringing a dog to the beach is a sure way to get some attention from the ladies who want to pet your pup. This beach is so animal friendly, one guy even brought his (pet) wild bo ar with him! Sandy Beach has an extremely dangerous shore break, so depending on conditions, your pet may or may not be able to swim here. —Diane Whiteside