The North Shore's Best Surf Breaks

Known as the proving ground for the world's best surfers, the North Shore on O‘ahu is home to professional surfing contests, art galleries, delicious plate lunch spots, and two of the most powerful waves in the world: Waimea Bay and Pipeline.

A seven-mile, laid-back stretch of breathtaking coastline, the North Shore has attracted professional surfers, locals, and on-lookers alike for decades to awe at its sparkling water, enjoy its local foods, and explore its historic towns. Though its infamous surf breaks and annual surf contests have brought the coastline international attention, the North Shore also offers smaller, local surf breaks for people at any skill level, and is a wonderful place to learn from the locals if you're just starting out. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner just looking to get your feet wet, the North Shore will have a wave for you.

 The North Shore's Best Surf Breaks 1


Check out some of our favorite spots to catch a ride:


Beginner: Pua‘ena Point

Located next to Hale‘iwa Beach Park, this sandy shoreline often has smaller waves that are good for anyone who's just learning.


Intermediate: Chun's

This reef break right outside of historic Hale‘iwa Town offers good long rides and smaller waves that are closer to shore.


Advanced: Rocky Point

Highly sought-out by professional surfers and surf photographers, this reef break offers strong currents and high performance waves.


Expert: Waimea Bay

Infamously known to many of the world's best big-wave surfers, this beautiful shoreline offers towering deepwater waves for those brave enough to paddle out.


The North Shore's Best Surf Breaks 2


The North Shore's Best Surf Breaks 3*Excerpts from the Wildsam x OluKai field guide to Hawaiʻi. Releasing late January 2020.