Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage

Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage 1 Eternally inspired by the strong tradition of giving an offering or tribute in Polynesian culture, OluKai is honored to announce the brand’s partnership with the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage of prestigious sailing canoes, the Hōkūleʻa and Hikiananlia, built with the same ingenuity that brought the first Polynesians to the archipelago of Hawai'i. OluKai will contribute time and product to the 3+ year Worldwide Voyage; the brand will supply SS15 products to all the proficient watermen and women who will crew the voyage to wear test and share their feedback on the performance of each shoe. The Hōkūleʻa represents a large part of OluKai’s company mission – honoring and preserving Hawaiian culture and traditions. Officially departing Hawaii the week of May 26th, weather permitting, the Worldwide Voyage will highlight diverse cultural and natural treasures and the importance of working together to protect them. Covering 47,000 nautical miles, 85 ports and 26 countries, the Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage will sail across the Earth’s oceans to join and grow the global movement toward a more sustainable world. Crew members on both the Hōkūleʻa and Hikiananlia will sail using the 3,000 year old traditional method of Polynesian deep sea navigation, with no modern instruments. “As a company, we feel honored and humbled to partner with the remarkable Hōkūleʻa ‘Ohana,” says Kerry Konrady director of marketing at OluKai. “Over the course of the 3+ year Worldwide Voyage, the Hōkūleʻa and Hikiananlia will touch so many lives and spread such an important message of sustainability to benefit future generations to come.” OluKai Konohiki and legendary waterman, Archie Kalepa, will join the Hōkūleʻa for several legs of the journey from July to August. “When I joined the OluKai ‘Ohana full-time as a Konohiki, I merged my commitment to preserving our local culture and traditions with that of OluKai’s strong commitment and dedication to the Polynesian culture,” says Kalepa. “The Malama Honua mission to provide knowledge to help better protect our Earth and spread Aloha is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I feel blessed to be a part of it.” The Hawaiian name for this voyage, Malama Honua, means “to take care of our Earth.” The Worldwide Voyage means to show the world how we can engage all of Island Earth – by practicing how to live sustainably, while sharing, learning, creating global relationships, and discovering the wonders of this precious place we all call home. To learn more about the voyage visit: