How to Grill with Pineapple Bark

How to Grill with Pineapple Bark 1It’s dinnertime, and what better way to enjoy a fresh caught mahi fillet than throwing it on the grill? Even better, give it a tropical spin and burst of island flavor by cooking it on the skin of a freshly cut pineapple. Ingredients 1 large pineapple
3 mahi fillets or chicken breasts
salt and pepper
ground cumin
cayenne pepper First things first—you’re going to want to slice and dice that juicy pineapple. Peel the skin into six strips thick enough to cover the width of the mahi or chicken. Slice the strips lengthwise from the top of the pineapple to the bottom. Season up the meat by sprinkling the salt, pepper, cumin and cayenne pepper on both sides. Place each fillet on the cut side of a piece of pineapple skin. Place another piece of the pineapple skin on top and secure the bundle together with kitchen twine. Let the bundles sit in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes Fire up the grille, keeping one side on high heat and the other side on low heat. Place the meat bundles on the cooler side and cook each side for around 15 minutes each until well done. Serve up this moist, savory meal! Add some grilled pineapple rings to the plate or some guacamole to really make it pop- perfect and easy for any night of the week! Bon appetite!How to Grill with Pineapple Bark 2