Anywhere Aloha launches in Los Angeles

Proving that Aloha is not bound by geography, OluKai gathered friends, family, media, key retailers and influencers on Thursday, March 5th as the brand publicly launched its spring '15 #AnywhereAloha campaign in Los Angeles. This VIP event featured a live mural painted by two revered artists, campaign installations and a spring '15 product showcase. Demonstrating the simplest connections binding all of Island Earth, the three part campaign came to life through décor, food and drink which represented aspects of each of the three stories' locations: Miami, Oregon and Joshua Tree. The night's main focal point centered around the artistic collaboration of campaign character and long-time konohiki, Kamea Hadar, the Honolulu-based co-leader of the Pow! Wow! Hawaii Arts Community, and renowned Los Angeles-based artist, Tristan Eaton, who's work can be seen in galleries around the world and in the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), as they partnered on a live mural. At the end of the evening, an awe-struck crowd witnessed a mural "white out", truly making this incredible artist's collaboration an evanescent moment you had to be there to experience." Anywhere Aloha is about celebrating the spirit of Hawaii that exists in communities everywhere. Tonight was a beautiful collaboration between two distinct artists sharing the cultural story of two Hawaiian goddess'," said Kerry Konrady director of marketing at OluKai. "The white out was the exclamation point on the night, a true 'had to be there' moment witnessed by only those in attendance."#AnywhereAloha is an experiential and content-creation initiative that celebrates inspirational individuals and encourages cultural collaboration, pairing three Hawaiians with three like-minded non-Hawaiians (two explorers, two surfers and two artists) who were sent on creative, inspiring adventures to far-flung corners of the map to document and spread the spirit of Aloha. The stories will be told through our national advertising partners both in digital and print, on social channels, as well as live on a dedicated #AnywhereAloha landing page on To watch the adventures, please visit: