A Hero's Welcome

Thousands gathered in Aquatic Park, San Francisco, on Sunday September 16, 2018 to welcome the crew of Hikianalia back to land after a 23-day 2,800 nautical mile voyage. Although the Hikianalia is equipped with modern day navigation tools, the crew used traditional celestial navigation techniques to guide them to California – reading the stars, ocean currents and sea life bringing them north. Captain Lehua Kamalu lead the 13-person crew through rough seas on the canoe’s voyage north during her maiden voyage as captain. “Sailing the North Pacific provided our crew with a large amount of growth. We had to learn about that ocean, and in the process, learn it’s value,” said Lehua Kamalu, captain and navigator of Hikianalia. “When we arrived in Aquatic Bay today, it was amazing to see so many Pacific Islanders here in San Francisco. To all those who may miss their island home, we hope the work and sailing we do not only makes them proud but also connected to their land and culture,” she added. OluKai is a proud partner of Polynesian Voyaging Society. We are honored to create sandals in the image of the proud voyaging canoes, Hikianalia and Hōkūleʻa.
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